Astigmatism impacts the eye and often causes blurry vision. It can be a common condition. The front cover of the eye is called the cornea, and when that has an irregular shape, it might be referred to as astigmatism. When this happens, light cannot focus on the retina, which is the back part of the eye. As a result, objects at various distances appear blurry. Astigmatism may cause discomfort in your eye and headaches. Sometimes, this condition is found in conjunction with other eye problems like hyperopia or myopia. These conditions are called refractive errors. They prevent the eye from being able to bend light. If you have blurry vision or have an eye concern and live in Monroe, WA, contact us at Ahrens Valley Eyeworks to see how we can help you. 

Can an Optometrist Help an Astigmatism?

Fortunately, our eye doctor can determine you have astigmatism, which can be treated. With an eye exam, our optometrist can diagnose and treat the condition. An effective treatment is eyeglasses to help improve your vision. You may need contacts that have a special shape to properly correct the astigmatism. This shape helps provide power to the areas that need it. If you are not interested in eyeglasses, contacts work well. They can help give you a wide range of clear vision. 


What Are the Other Treatment Options?

You can also consider LASIK surgery. This surgery reshapes the cornea in the eye. This aims to remove astigmatism and gives you a better overall vision. Although we cannot provide LASIK surgery, we can provide a consultation and then refer you out to an eye surgeon.

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Your vision is so important, and all of us at Ahrens Valley Eyeworks understand how precious it is. We want to help you take steps to maintain and preserve your vision. We have a staff to provide you with the eye care that you need in order preserve and maintain your vision. Our eye doctor, Dr. Ariel Lenning, and our opticians, Richard Ahrens and Gina Mills, are here for the community in Monroe, WA, and can provide our patients with care and support. Your time is valuable, and we hope you choose us to care for your eyes. We are happy to provide you with eye care at a time that fits your schedule. Call us at (360) 794-5941 so we can schedule your next eye care appointment and help you improve your vision. Our eye doctor is here to help.

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